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Beelinks offers an innovative chatting solution that connects you with your customers in real time

  • Call center

    Offers quicker assistance and helps in scaling up! With LiveChat, you can deal with various chats at multiple times without keeping your customer on hold. With this software, customers can carry out their daily operations while waiting for that ‘ping’ sound to assure them that the agent has replied. Customers love that responsiveness. It gives customers the option of receiving a transcription of the conversation for their records. LiveChat allows your business to provide 24/7 support, reducing response times and backlogged requests while boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Online Shopping

    Boost the value of your users by 400%! A customer can click the chat window anytime they need assistance. Live chat agents can see which website is customer browsing and can provide instant answers. An agent can talk to several different customers at one time. The chat window is an eye-catcher that draws the attention of your website visitors. Automated chat greetings will help you assist your customer’s pain points at the exact moment when he needs it. With the LiveChat app, it allows you to track your customer shopping journey and give them a personalized experience. To improve your margins, even more, integrate LiveChat with 3rd-party tools, measure sales conversion, and track customer behavior.

  • Automotive

    Overcome your rivals with the introduction of LiveChat! As car shopping requires a lot of time and in this era, people are really busy and perform multiple tasks, with LiveChat, a shopper can ask questions while going about other tasks, then come back to the chat. It keeps the perception of processing times lower and the face-to-face time with the sales staff at a minimum. Customers that engage with a live chat are typically close to the end of their sales journey. It provides an easy, non-confrontational way to request their contact information for a dealer to follow up.

  • Hosting

    One solution for Sales and Support! It is a crucial selling point that compels a potential customer to choose your service over another - and the reason your current customers want to stay with you. Give your customers an option either to avail the service at pre-sales process and after conversion of sales, providing after-sales service. Feel free to use our API to get all information you need and improve the experience of your customer at the same time.

  • Human resource

    Respond faster to candidate queries with HR LiveChat! Easily handle infinite queries from potential candidates using multiple chat windows. Deliver solutions to frequently asked questions without making candidates wait with canned responses and keeping them engaged. Track their area and recommend if your branch has relevant vacancies or not. Assist your potential candidate in overcoming obstacles while filling out your online form for recruitment with proactive chat pop-ups. The HR LiveChat allows you to send prompt messages to candidates browsing your website to boost conversion at different points.

  • Education

    Want to experience an increase in enrollment rates, LiveChat is the best solution! Through multilingual chat, students from all over the world can get their queries addressed in a more effective manner by an online representative. Students can discuss issues by talking to an online representative and get all the information they need. Online representatives can proactively greet the students and talk to them, assessing their needs. Parents can also speak to a representative when it suits them the most with the 24/7 Live Chat option. It also eliminates the hassle of answering phone calls for minute questions with the help of proactive chat on web pages.

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